Duk Hee arrives at dinner shaken.  In 2014 my soul friend, artist Anne Duk Hee Jordan, in an appropriate lineage, a former student of Olafur Eliasson’s Institute fur Raum Experimente, just finished installing a major retropective of Otto Peine’s 1967 work The Proliteration of the Sun at the Neue Nationalgalarie in Berlin. Entitled in reaction and ironic response to nuclear proliteration in the 1960’s. On his way home in a taxi, from the final installation to prepare for the opening night, Otto Peine passed away from a heart attack. A strange sense of peace is felt with the news. It seems only fitting that the show opened during the night. We crossed Berlin cycling through the deep summer air and dusky tree clad streets and parks, we arrive at the opening at around midnight. Zero hour. The Neue Nationalegalarie is a glow, this 1960’s minilamalist glass house, now some kind of wunderkammer. We sit on the vast gallery floor and let the kaledescopic light and Peine’s mark wash over us.  Just as Peine envisaged - ‘poetically journeying us through space‘.