DISASTROUS FORMS is a body of ceramic and clay works archived on an online platform - exploring natural disasters, natural history and archiving. This project was inspired by a field trip to Pompeii with Mark Dion and team, Auckland Museum’s Natural History Collections Online, and created in conversation with curator Dina Jezdic. Navigating our environment as we become ground zero. From volcanoes, corals, and fossils to the quartz in your mobile phone, exploring collections to collective consciousness. As Walter Benjamin observed, collections are never finished.

︎  Disastrous Forms is a nomadic month long online exhibition, navigating the city of Auckland and the interwebs,  culminating in a one night special event March 24 2021, 8 -10 pm. Auckland Live Digital Stage Aotea Square.

This project was created in conversation & curatorial collaboration with Dina Jezdic.

Her essay A MUSEUM PORTAL FOR A PANDEMIC AESTHETIC and DISASTROUSFORMS.COM  are archived as a topic at Auckland Museum Collections Online.

Made with the support of Creative New Zealand and Auckland Live. Thank you.